Shaping Queensland's young entrepreneurs

The gen[in] student innovation challenge helps globally-minded students aged 14-18 years old to build real-world skills, make lifelong connections and give students the chance to win a share in a $15,000 prize pool.  

The beauty of the gen[in] student innovation challenge is that you do not have to have an idea to join. Whether you have an idea or are idealess, gen[in] will nurture you through the process and help you come up with a meaningful idea.

Registrations will open on 1 February 2022 to join the gen[in] student innovation challenge in 2022!  

So are you [in]?

Key dates

 Registrations open | 1 Feb 2022

Join gen[in]! Registrations are open throughout Round 1. 

 Round 1 | 1 Feb - 20 March 2022

Ideation and pitching: Submit your 60 second pitch video.

 Round 2 | 21 March - 1 May 2022
Collaboration and planning: Attend mentoring sessions and submit your innovation plan.
 Round 3 | 26 - 27 May 2022

Final pitch event: Finalists selected for live pitch. 

How do I join?

We are calling all international students as well as globally-minded domestic students in Queensland to join gen[in]!

To register for the gen[in] student innovation challenge, simply complete the registration form and our Project Officer will get you started in the gen[in] student innovation challenge. 

Once you are in the challenge you will get VIP access to a wide range of incredible resources developed by our consortium members. 


How does it work?

gen[in] is an innovation challenge that you can participate in no matter what time of day, or where you are in Queensland.

In the gen[in] challenge, we will nurture you through a series of activities that will not only help create an idea but also build entrepreneurial skills.

The beauty of the gen[in] student innovation challenge is that you do not have to have an idea to join.

Whether you have an idea or are idealess, gen[in] will nurture you through the process and help you come up with a meaningful idea. 

Challenge rounds

Round 1
In Round 1 we will help you identify a problem to solve in your local community and develop an innovative idea. Once your idea has been developed you will need to submit a 60-second video pitch about your idea. Upon submission, you're automatically through to Round 2.
Round 2
Round 2 is about writing a two-page innovation plan for your idea. You will get to attend live sessions with our mentors to get feedback on your idea and plan. You will work with your team to identify roles, target customers, branding and develop an overall plan for your innovation. Our panel will decide on the top 10 teams who will be invited to the finals.
Round 3
Round 3 is the finale of the gen[in] challenge. Finalists will be invited to a special event that will go over two days where you will meet mentors and then pitch your idea to a panel of judges and live audience. Winners will then receive a share of the $15,000 prize pool and an opportunity to get further mentoring to take their idea to the next level.

Why join gen[in]?

Globally focused

gen[in] is Queensland's first-ever internationally focused innovation challenge and brings together international and domestic students to develop innovative ideas with a global perspective for local impact.

Real-world mentors

gen[in] brings together a group of amazing people to help you on your journey. Our mentors come from various backgrounds and work across a wide range of industries and are ready to help you, so get ready to be inspired! 

Lifelong connection

gen[in] provides you with a community of like-minded Queensland students, young innovators, mentors and businesses. Through the challenge you will make meaningful connections that will last a lifetime.

Hands-on learning

The gen[in] challenge encourages you to take ideas to action. Through this learning journey you will get hands on experience on how to ideate, collaborate, plan, network and pitch that will help you to succeed.

Real-world skills

The gen[in] challenge helps you build real world skills that you can use in any job. We will help you identify these skills so you can add them to your amazing portfolio and take on the future world of work with confidence.

A chance to win!

By taking part in the gen[in] student innovation challenge, you get the chance to win some incredible prizes including a share of $15,000, mentoring and other incredible opportunities! Plus possible support beyond gen[in]. 

gen[in] is fully funded by Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) and was developed by a consortium led by The University of Queensland and supported by education providers, industry professionals and government partners.


Contact us 
For more information about the gen[in] student innovation challenge please contact the gen[in] Project Officer, Sally Dwyer.