Ventures ambassadors

Our talented Ventures ambassadors can help guide you through your entrepreneurial journey.

Ishara has experience in independent research work, consultancy and project management, and mentoring and facilitation work with university and high school students for science, gender equality and social empowerment engagement and outreach. When she's not conducting research, she's engaging with youth and the wider UQ and Brisbane community on sustainable practice, social equity and empowerment, and encouraging practices of the sharing economy.

After completing an ilab internship throughout the summer of 2018/19 with successful sharing economy startup Spare Harvest, and assisting with Ideas Hub's LeadHers program, Ishara is enthusiastic about redefining her employability prospects through innovation and entrepreneurship. Besides her work, Ishara is actively involved with humanitarian volunteer work with Oxfam and the One Woman Project (OWP).

Ishara Sahama
Bachelor of Arts Honours (Geography) student
Risa Utama
Bachelors of Business Management (Marketing)/Journalism student

Risa first became interested in entrepreneurship after publishing a children’s picture book in 2015. She then took on a marketing role at a startup and is familiar with the Brisbane startup ecosystem.

Risa began her involvement in UQ’s entrepreneurship space when she participated in the Idea Hub Unlimited Program. From there, Risa embarked on the four-week Startup Adventure to Singapore, working at a youth-development non-profit where she facilitated entrepreneurship workshops. Since returning to UQ, she has become involved in LeadHers, the confidence-building incubator for young women. She also enjoyed pitching the business idea her team developed over 48 hours at the Weekend of Startups event.

Risa is passionate about inspiring students to reach their potential by introducing them to the world of entrepreneurship.

Luke has been directly involved in UQ’s burgeoning entrepreneurial scene since 2016, when he reinvigorated the UQ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society (UQIES) and helped launch the first UQ Weekend of Startups.

Luke took part in the inaugural Startup Adventure in Shanghai, and continues to be actively involved with Idea Hub as both a mentor and advocate.

A passionate adventurer, Luke has travelled overseas through several UQ exchange programs. These experiences are why he loves being a UQ student and why he believes UQ Ventures is the next step in a growing network of entrepreneurial opportunities for students and alumni.

Luke Giuseppin
Bachelor of Business Management & Information Technology student
Sabrina Chakori
PhD student exploring zero packaging food systems

In 2017, Sabrina founded the Brisbane Tool Library, a social enterprise based on the circular economy that aims to reduce household consumption by lending a range of tools, camping gear and sports equipment.

Sabrina is currently completing PhD research that explores zero packaging food systems and how these models could lead to social, environmental and economic benefits within a degrowth economy. Her book chapter, in Positive steps to a steady state economy, and paper "The necessity to change the term consumer" focus on the necessity to rethink our consumption addiction.