There’s support at every stage of your Ventures journey – from flexing your creative muscles to launching a startup or social enterprise. 

You will find the people, tools and opportunities to help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset, gain transferable skills and bring your ideas to life.

Want some advice on where to get started? Ventures Connect is your chance to come together with Ventures staff, student innovators and industry experts. 

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Gain the skills and mindset to innovate like an entrepreneur. Get inspired, learn core entrepreneurial skills and immerse yourself in UQ’s community of entrepreneurs with the Ventures Curiosity program.
Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to grow your leadership capabilities, build connections and gain the confidence to take your first steps in your entrepreneurial and leadership journey.

Skills applied

Whether you are working on a for-profit, a social enterprise or a not-for-profit enterprise, through talking to your potential customers you will understand the market needs and devise a sustainable business model with Ventures Validate.


Three-month acceleration program. Eligible startups will receive a $10,000 equity-free funding.

Connect with Industry

Become a global thinker and learn from the world’s most innovative startup hubs with our four-week intensive global learning experiences (virtual and in-person).
Gain hands-on startup and corporate innovation experience with our three-week remote internship program in entrepreneurship.
Work with our industry partner to develop a real-world solution to a real-world challenge. Teams will compete for multiple prizes worth $15,000.