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Rethinking libraries 

Australia's first public tool library allows members to borrow power tools, lawnmowers and even camping equipment. Sabrina Chakori came up with the idea and is now one of 40 passionate volunteers running the Brisbane Tool Library out of the State Library of Queensland. The aim is to extend the life of a range of products that would otherwise end up in landfill.

By allowing members to borrow tools they would only need to use once or twice, Brisbane Tool Library allows members to not only reduce their environmental footprint but save money and space.

Sabrina received mentoring and $10,000 in grant money as part of ilab's Germinate program. 

Peer tutoring on-demand

Vygo works as a mobile platform that helps university students improve grades with better access to affordable peer tutors, whilst also giving students a ‘business in a box’ to earn money on campus, tutoring classes they have recently aced. Private tutoring at university level currently isn’t attainable for a lot of students because it’s not affordable, not reliable and not class specific. Vygo solves these issues by deploying hyper-local campus marketplaces.

The app can also help universities by providing real-time information about what courses and degrees students are struggling with. 

Seeing with sound

The award-winning ilab engineers behind Oseyeris, Jake Dean and Yuma Antoine Decaux, are bridging the gap between the sighted and the visually impaired.

The team created the Macaron, which is a device that allows users to navigate and understand their surroundings through vibration and audio. The Macaron can measure almost anything using its tape measure feature or long range feature. Measurements are spoken to the blind user, and can also be saved to a folder on a cloud service for future reference. 


Our startups

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