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Innovating the food system

UQ MBA graduate and Founder of Eclipse, Siobhan Coster has worked in partnership with CSIRO to create sustainable nutritional protein ingredients using precision fermentation.

The team have announced a $3 million investment round to commercialise a synthetic version of lactoferrin, an immune-boosting protein found in breast milk that is rarely included in baby formula as it takes 10,000 litres of cow's milk to produce just 1kg.

In 2022, Eclipse also won the Judge's Award at the University of Queensland's ilab Accelerator Pitch Night.



Optimising engineering 

Endla completed the 2021 Ventures ilab Accelerator program and received $10,000 funding to help take their venture to the next level! Created by Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/ Bachelor of Commerce grad, Riley O’Donnell, Endla is a software platform that improves the lifetime value of oil and gas wells.

In 2021 Endla also received backing from the world’s biggest startup accelerator, Y Combinator!

Ventures startup listed on ASX for $21m

Med-tech company and University of Queensland (UQ) Ventures ilab Accelerator startup Audeara is now listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (AUA:ASX) for $21m. Audeara creates headphones for people with hearing loss by using a combination of advanced audio technology.

Now that Audeara have achieved their goal of listing on the ASX, their sights are set on expanding internationally, including into the US market.  


Our startups

  • Acude Foundation

    Acude Foundation

    ilab Accelerator #15 | Education

    Fun cultural connections for little global-citizens.
  • Adieu


    ilab Accelerator #8 | SaaS, Legal

    Divorce more collaboratively, fairly and affordably in timeframes that have never been possible before.


    ilab Accelerator #9 | Hardware, Safety, Watersports

    ADIVO is the first comfortable, concealed inflatable lifejacket which doubles as a rash vest to provide UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • Angela


    ilab Accelerator #16 | Software

    Mobile nightlife app that connects users to venue staff to improve safety standards for women and at-risk.
  • ANTI Ordinary

    ANTI Ordinary

    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator #1 | Safety, Product, Snowsports

    A beanie that's as safe as a helmet.
  • Arival


    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator #1 | Software, SaaS

    Arival is the technology platform that is revolutionising live sports engagement.


    ilab Accelerator #15 | Sustainability

    Business as a force to a Net-Zero Economy
  • Audeara


    ilab Accelerator #6 | Hardware, Headphones, Healthtech

    The world’s first full-fidelity headphones with a built-in hearing test; Audeara is revolutionising the listening experience.
  • Augmented Bionics

    Augmented Bionics

    ilab Accelerator #11 | Hardware, Healthtech

    Augmented Bionics are developing devices that allow non-invasive wireless stimulation of nerves.
  • Australian Urban Growers

    Australian Urban Growers

    ilab Accelerator #18 | Agtech, Education, Sustainable Development

    Developing a sustainable food system through practical education.
  • AutoPricer


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Software, Retail

    New car buying app with instant results.
  • Beome


    ilab Accelerator #13 | Proptech, Rentals

    A shared rental platform that allows like-minded individuals to find each other and rent a shared space. Traditional real estate portals focus on displaying features of a room. Our approach, on the other hand, focusses on matching compatible housemates with the right home.
  • Bigbluemarble India

    Bigbluemarble India

    ilab Accelerator #15 | Consumer goods

    Saving the planet, one toothbrush at a time.
  • BioConnected


    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator #1 | Hardware, health

    The BioConnected HR+, are the world’s first earphones that measure your heart rate and heart rate variability.
  • Bloom

    Bloom Impact Investing

    ilab Accelerator #15 | FinTech

    Climate impact investing made easy
  • Brandtools


    ilab Accelerator #13 | Marketing, Design

    Enabling users to upload a logo and instantly generate hundreds of graphic designs based on its colours and stylistic themes.
  • Brisbane Tool Library

    Brisbane Tool Library

    ilab Accelerator #11 | Social enterprise

    Borrow tools, camping and sport equipment to reduce consumption and waste.
  • Chatloop


    ilab Accelerator #12 | Edtech, Education, Languages, Social entrepreneurship

    Chatloop connects people from refugee backgrounds to trained volunteers through a messaging app for convenient language practice.
  • Chatstat


    ilab Accelerator #18 | AI, HealthTech

    AI-driven platform offering real-time, non-invasive social media monitoring focused on at-risk youth.
  • ClearSKY Genomics

    ClearSKY Genomics

    ilab Accelerator #13 | Healthtech, Genomics

    Developing tools to help people understand and engage with the information in their genome.
  • Coach Assist

    Coach Assist

    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator | Marketplace, education

    The number 1 website and resources for AFL coaches
  • Deep Connection

    Deep Connection

    ilab Accelerator #15 | HealthTech

    We simulate hands in virtual reality with just an armband.
  • Dialogic Education Services

    Dialogic Education Services

    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Software, Education

    Online professional learning in science education
  • East Forged

    East Forged

    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Beverage, Social Enterprise

    Cold-brew tea beverages bringing tea into new social spaces.
  • Eclipse


    ilab Accelerator #16 | Sustainability

    Sustainably creating nutritional protein ingredients in partnership with CSIRO using precision fermentation.
  • Ekpapalek


    ilab Accelerator Mini | Education, Social Enterprise

    Ekpapalek is a Social Enterprise providing programs for professional development that helps Latin-American students to promote their professional career, allowing them to increase their international professional profile by using our mentorship, internship and women empowerment programs.
  • EMI - Evolving Machine Intelligence

    EMI - Evolving Machine Intelligence

    ilab Accelerator #6 | Software, Algorithms

    EMI is a pure R&D entity, developing technologies that enable machines to understand and control complex systems (including other machines) non-invasively.
  • Endla


    ilab Accelerator #15 | Mining

    Fit-for-purpose tools that reduce the lifetime cost of drilling completing and operating coal seam gas wells.
  • envirometrics.io


    ilab Accelerator #15 | Mining

    Automating satellite imagery analytics for environmental reporting in the mining sector.
  • Exprea


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Travel

    A platform to uncover Australia’s most unique destinations
  • ExtrasJar


    ilab Accelerator #17 | FinTech

    Blending insurance with investment.
  • FanTribe


    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator | SaaS, Rewards

    The social rewards platform transforming the business of sport.
  • Farm Hero

    Farm Hero

    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Software

    An app connecting farmers with service providers of agricultural equipment in Cambodia.
  • Fiffy Solutions

    Fiffy Solutions

    ilab Accelerator #13 | Technology, Sensors

    An IoT startup that counts people and monitors foot traffic in order to optimise building spaces.
  • Flashback


    ilab Accelerator #18 | Hardware, D2C

    The soul of a film camera reborn in a digital era.
  • FuturEcook


    ilab Accelerator #16 | Social Enterprise

    Improving health, education and the environment with smart electric cooking for schools and refugee settings in developing countries.
  • Go Locum

    Go Locum

    ilab Accelerator #16 | HealthTech

    The medical workforce marketplace that connects doctors to hospitals to fill urgent roster vacancies.
  • Graphics et al.

    Graphics et al.

    ilab Accelerator #16 | Education

    Create scientifically accurate graphics and animations in minutes.
  • Gutrition


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Health

    The world’s first low FODMAP meal kit.
  • HalalBee


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Software, Food

    A fully integrated platform for halal food options.
  • Happy Dinosaur

    Happy Dinosaur

    ilab Accelerator #12 | Marketing, advertising.

    Happy Dinosaur is a marketplace connecting advertisers and ad space owners.
  • Herik Labs

    Herik Labs

    ilab Accelerator #17 | Space

    3D printing the most efficient rocket engine in Australia.
  • Homecube


    ilab Accelerator #13 | Tiny house, Modular housing.

    Providing housing that is cheaper and faster to construct than traditional options, and that absorbs CO2.
  • Hot Chicks with Big Brains

    Hot Chicks with Big Brains

    ilab Accelerator #10 | Media, creative

    Hot Chicks with Big Brains is a feminist media company for women who work.
  • Hyra iQ

    Hyra iQ

    ilab Accelerator #10 | SaaS, Legal, Corporate leases

    Hyra iQ streamlines high volume portfolio leasing for the commercial real estate industry, so parties can accelerate agreement and get on with business.
  • I Tinker Too

    I Tinker Too

    ilab Accelerator #12 | Web, Software, Services

    I Tinker Too aim to provide software solutions that automate time-consuming tasks, keep critical information organised and measure data that is important for the small business owner.
  • IB Mastermind

    IB Mastermind

    ilab Accelerator #12 | Edtech, Education, IB.

    IB MasterMind is a next-generation study tool for the International Baccalaureate. They analyse your performance as you study, and provide you with personalised feedback so that you can maximise the efficiency of your learning and exam-taking.
  • Inkquiry


    ilab Accelerator #13 | IoT, Education, Edtech

    Inkquiry's goal is to aid children on their journey along an individualised learning pathway by providing technology and tools that not only help the student but also improve the well-being of teachers.
  • iNovoTech


    ilab Accelerator Mini | Hardware, Makerspace

    From idea to reality with our design, rapid prototyping and new product development services.
  • IntelVest


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Hardware

    A device with real-time monitoring of overexertion in firefighters.
  • JARO Sports

    JARO Sports

    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator #1 | SaaS, Sports management

    Online platform simplifying sports management.
  • Jetson Industries

    Jetson Industries

    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator #1 | Sensors, IoT, VR

    Jetson Industries combines the latest in advanced electronics and online gaming with traditional sports equipment.
  • Joydrobe


    ilab Accelerator #18 | FashionTech

    A.I. fashion assistant to help increase customer satisfaction.
  • KidsWantu


    ilab Accelerator Mini | Education, Parenting

    KidsWantu uses technology to give parents and carers personalised ideas to entertain kids.
  • Kurin Organics

    Kurin Organics

    ilab Accelerator #14 | Cleaning

    We build practical and ethical solutions, transforming the laundry experience.
  • La Foundary

    La Foundary

    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Sustainability

    Decomposable packaging made from waste materials with the power of mycelium.
  • Lean Systems

    Lean Systems

    ilab Accelerator #16 | Manufacturing

    Software for assembly manufacturing that provides insights into their production inefficiencies.
  • Learnable


    ilab Accelerator #18 | EdTech

    A study co-pilot that understands how you learn.
  • Lewi Software

    Lewi Software

    ilab Accelerator #16 | SaaS

    Chemical Engineering in the Cloud.
  • Math Mate

    Math Mate

    ilab Accelerator #10 | Software, Education

    Math Mate is a team of mechatronic engineers and tutors that have created the first digital mathematics interface. Using our interface, students are able to engage with complex mathematics using simple click and drag gestures.


    ilab Incubate | Online platform, Healthtech

    Medaxs is a leading Australian digital health company providing a data-driven health marketing and analytics platform.
  • Microba


    ilab Accelerator #9 | Healthtech,

    Microba has developed cutting edge technology to empower individuals to gain insight into their gut microbiome.
  • Micromelon Robotics

    Micromelon Robotics

    ilab Accelerator #11 | Edtech, Education, Robotics, Coding

    The Micromelon robot and software package is designed and built specifically for the Australian curriculum changes that require schools to teach coding and robotics principles.
  • MindMuse


    ilab Accelerator #18 | Software, Compliancy, Mental Health

    AI to Help 10,000 people improve mental health support.
  • Model Econ

    Model Econ

    ilab Accelerator #12 | Edtech, Education, Economics

    Applied Economic Models for the Understanding of the World. Model Econ is an interactive economics education platform. Our platform contains interactive content, real-world economics, simulators and tools for educators to facilitate learning and engage students.
  • Modulr Tech

    Modulr Tech

    ilab Accelerator #11 | Software, Digital, Mining

    Building intelligent digital systems for mining and resources.
  • Monty by Earth Offset

    Monty by Earth Offset

    ilab Accelerator #13 | Social Enterprise, IoT, Cleantech

    Building an IoT compost monitoring device that tracks biometrics and transmits data to the cloud, which then generates custom insights on how to easily and effectively compost.
  • Move It

    Move It

    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator #1 | Hardware, training, fitness

    Move It supports a range of smart training equipment to meet individual fitness needs and lifestyles.
  • Movus


    ilab Accelerator #7 | Hardware, IoT, Maintenance

    MOVUS has developed a 'Fitbit' for industrial machines – a compact data collection and communications device, combined with powerful data analytics and a user-friendly dashboard application.
  • myk's F.F.F. kefir

    myk's F.F.F. kefir

    ilab Accelerator #10 | Food and beverage, nutrition, health

    MYK's fine fermented fruit (F.F.F.) kefir is a live probiotic drink sourced from local seasonal fruit.
  • Nature Freedom

    Nature Freedom

    ilab Accelerator #12 | Social Enterprise, Disability, Mental health

    A not-for-profit social enterprise organisation aiming to inspire, connect and empower young people who have disabilities and/or mental health to meaningfully access, participate and lead with the environment.
  • Neuratech


    ilab Accelerator #10 | Health, Fitness, Performance

    Neuratech focuses on creating the world's best range of health and nootropic formulas, that utilise clinically proven ingredients to enhance higher brain function.
  • North Hem

    North Hem

    ilab Accelerator #12 | Marketplace, Furniture, Retail

    Space Y by North Hem provides on-demand showrooms to give online furniture retailers more sales through their building-as-a-service product.
  • Ocean Orchards

    Ocean Orchards

    ilab Accelerator #13 | Foodtech, Algae, Superfoods

    Helping people receive nutrition from Algae – such as phycocyanin, and Omega-3 DHA and EPA – by making it an easy, versatile and delicious food product.
  • Open Inductions

    Open Inductions

    ilab Accelerator #14 | Clean energy, Aviation

    Creating swappable hybrid aeroplane engines that will reduce fuel consumption in commercial aviation
  • OSeyeris


    ilab Accelerator #9 | Hardware, Disability, IoT

    OSeyeris is a hardware startup looking to create products that allow the visually impaired to experience the world in the same way the sighted do.
  • OzCeutics


    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Health

    Nature-derived antimicrobials to treat human and animal dermatitis.
  • ParaSpace


    ilab Accelerator #13 | VR, Industry training

    Aiming to reduce the 3 million cases of workplace injury or death that cost the US economy more than $46b last year. We're doing this by creating cutting edge VR simulations that are capable of simulating industrial catastrophes, such as a mine collapse, which cannot be safely demonstrated in real life.
  • PhiSaver


    ilab Accelerator #18 | Energy Efficiency, Cleantech

    An per-circuit energy monitoring system.
  • PhysiSqueeze


    ilab Accelerator #14 | Healthtech

    End-to-end pelvic floor muscle solution for active women.
  • PowerWells


    ilab Accelerator #13 | Social Enterprise, E-waste

    Using electronic waste, such as old laptop batteries, to make small solar systems for remote and disadvantaged communities, including in rural Indonesia.


    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator #1 | SaaS, Analytics, Hardware

    Technology for athlete testing and rehabilitation.
  • Quipmo


    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator #2 | Online platform, marketplace

    Peer-to-peer gear rental marketplace for like-minded travellers and locals who share a passion for adventure.
  • RapidCheckin


    ilab Accelerator #14 | Web, Software, Services

    Centralised contact tracing reporting app to allow venues to safely open post-COVID
  • Recovery Metrics

    Recovery Metrics

    ilab Accelerator #18 | Software, Health, HealthTech

    The google analytics of mental health care.
  • Red-Point


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Augmented Reality

    World’s first ever Augmented Reality rock climbing guide app.
  • Redback Technologies

    Redback Technologies

    ilab Incubate | Technology, Renewable energy

    Redback is a technology company focused on the development of advanced, low-cost solar solutions for residential and commercial users.
  • RÉÉ


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Beverage, Social Enterprise

    Coffee positive impact platform.
  • RingHints


    ilab Accelerator #12 | Marketplace, Analytics, Digital

    RingHints is creating digital tools for millennials to choose perfect gifts for their loved ones and then connecting businesses where those perfect gifts can be bought.
  • Robotics Playground

    Robotics Playground

    ilab Accelerator #12 | Robotics, Education, Edtech

    Robotics Playground provides an accessible, inclusive and fun space to learn and explore robotics and all things Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). We host workshops led by industry professionals and educators, as well as providing a robotics playground to have fun exploring and playing with robotics.
  • Skyborne Technologies

    Skyborne Technologies

    ilab Accelerator #7 | Hardware, Drones

    Autonomous hybrid drones that bridge the gap between quad-copter manoeuvrability and fixed-wing endurance and speed.


    ilab Incubate | AgTech, environment

    SOSBIO is developing new technologies and microbial enhancers in organic fertilisers.


    ilab Accelerator #11 | Software, Analytics, IoT, Sensors

    The search engine of indoor locations.
  • SparkTank


    ilab Accelerator #15 | Business software

    The #1 smart tool to generate and prioritise ideas for problem-solving.
  • Sportido


    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator | Marketplace, SaaS, Community

    Find people, book places, play any sport.
  • StandInBaby


    ilab Accelerator Mini | Hardware, Training, Photography

    StandInBaby is the world’s first, fully articulated, lifelike and camera ready posing and training aid, specifically designed for newborn photographers.
  • Stripped Supply

    Stripped Supply

    ilab Accelerator #15 | Health

    Making diabetes management as simple as humanly possible.
  • Tera


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Sustainability

    Turning CO2 emissions into sustainable products.
  • The Act 2 Project

    The Act 2 Project

    ilab Accelerator #18 | Professional Services, HR Tech

    Untapping the talent pool of career returners for innovative employers.
  • The Network Loop

    The Network Loop

    ilab Accelerator #16 | FinTech

    Combining equity crowdfunding with entertainment to make startup investing and raising capital more accessible.
  • The Third Row

    The Third Row

    ilab Accelerator #2 | Software development, Branding

    The Third Row is a consultancy & software development company designing better ways for publishers & brands to work together.
  • Tinn-e logo


    ilab Accelerator #15 | Electric vehicles, Sustainability

    The first boat that’s a good investment for you and your planet.
  • TokenSpin


    ilab Accelerator #11 | Blockchain, Software

    TokenSpin revolutionises the way non-profits fundraise for good causes using blockchain technology.
  • toki


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Software

    Using psychology to humanise app dating.
  • Tradii


    ilab Accelerator #16 | SaaS, ConTech

    Cloud-based SaaS platform for the construction industry that reduces business costs through efficient vehicle routing.
  • Truii


    ilab Accelerator #3 | Data, dashboards, SaaS

    Create and share dashboards of visualisations to gain a deeper understanding of the insights from your data.
  • Uuvipak


    ilab Accelerator #16 | Sustainability

    Replacing single-use plastics with clean organic food waste.
  • Vacayit


    ilab Accelerator #16 | Tourism, Disability

    An audio storytelling platform for blind and low vision tourists.
  • Valiant Space

    Valiant Space

    ilab Accelerator #14 | Space

    Developing technology to land payloads on the Moon and return them to Earth.
  • Veilability


    ilab Accelerator #1 | Marketplace, Events, Weddings

    Easily search and compare thousands of amazing wedding venues and view detailed room information, packages, special deals and more.
  • Vygo


    ilab Accelerator #10 | Education, Marketplace

    Vygo is a peer learning company. It’s mobile, and web platform helps universities and other learning providers upgrade and scale their student mentoring and tutoring communities. Vygo works with universities and learning providers across Australia and the globe.
  • WhippNews


    ilab Accelerator #10 | Media

    WhippNews is designed to give you the vital news in nutshell, making it easier for you to be clever.
  • Wine Valet

    ilab Accelerator #15 | Food and beverage

    Helping customers find their perfect wine match.
  • WorkingMouse


    ilab Incubate | Automation, Software developer tools

    WorkingMouse is the developer of the Codebots platform that can automatically write up to 92 per cent of a clients application's codebase to rapidly rollout new state of art web and mobile apps.
  • Wylas Timing

    Wylas Timing

    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator #1 | IoT, Hardware

    A wireless swimming timing system that coordinates the collection, recording and display of timing information for swimming meets and carnivals.
  • Xplainable


    ilab Accelerator #18 | AI, Software

    Building trust in machine learning with human-understandable predictive models.
  • Young Stripes

    Young Stripes

    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Education

    STEM programs for Kenyan school students addressing educational inequalities.
  • Yuva AI

    ilab Accelerator #15 | Software, Artificial intellegence

    Synthetic Data for Computer Vision AI.