The Mentor Blaze meets MYRIAD!

Imagine speaking to up 4 mentors and networking with over 30 of Brisbane's leading startup mentors - all in one place - all in one high energy 2-hour session.

Welcome to Mentor Blaze 10, Queensland's biggest mentoring event, held alongside the Myriad festival.

Please note: The event will be held in a satellite location (The Tivoli Theatre) so a ticket and access to the main festival location is not required (nor provided).

If you have an idea, or an itch of an idea for a new social enterprise or business startup and want to explore the concept with a range of passionate entrepreneurs and expert mentors, then register now. The event is open to all. You can be a student or a corporate executive, a researcher or someone looking for a career change or a small business looking to scale. This is a unique opportunity to meet 1-on-1 with startup founders, experienced entrepreneurs, expert service providers, investors and more.