ilab UQ is seeking Expressions of Interest from undergraduates and postgraduates across UQ for enrolled students to participate in a Winter Internship in a Queensland startup.

A startup is different to a small business or corporate, they are companies working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed. Here at UQ, we believe that working in startups teaches you entrepreneurial skills you can easily transfer to working in a startup, Startups look for a range of skill sets so don't hesitate to apply. Get a taste of a startup founders journey, learn the tools and techniques to build your big idea into a startup or explore a startup placement as a graduate destination.

Applications are now open for the ilab UQ Winter Internship.

Not all students that apply will receive a place. Placement is based on demand and interview selection by the participating startups.


Startups looking to hire interns for the winter vacation period in June/July can apply using this form: