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For this week's Founders Talk, we'll be joined by UQ Alumnus Rudy Crous, Corporate Psychologist and Co-Founder of Compono.

Rudy Crous

Rudy Crous is a corporate psychologist and co-founder of Compono, a leading people decision-making technology for human resources leaders. Rudy will share his entrepreneurial journey growing and building Compono and working with businesses to improve their people systems and organisational cultures.

As a Corporate Psychologist, Rudy has worked extensively with businesses to improve their people systems and organisational cultures. Passionate about people and how they engage with work, Rudy saw that companies needed the next generation of HR technology to tackle employee and employer challenges. This led to the creation and co-founding of Compono. A powerful work platform that delivers intelligent software systems for employee engagement and talent optimisation across 3 key HR pillars - talent acquisition, talent retention, and talent development. 

Rudy provides advice to international businesses, government organisations, and regulators, whilst driving digital transformations. He has written and spoken extensively on organisational responses to the impacts of change driven by technology, company culture and people management. Specialising in Organisation Change and Culture Management, Operational Strategy and Planning, Workforce Training and Assessment, Team and Leadership Coaching and Development.

We look forward to seeing you for the Founders Talk either in-person at Ventures GCI Space or online via Zoom.

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