This pitching workshop will help students understand the fundamentals of narrative patterns and tools; learn how to communicate their message in a simple and concise way; learn how to build a compelling story and how to persuade their audience and practice and master the art of storytelling. Expert facilitators will teach participants how to structure a pitch in the context of the Red Bull Basement in an engaging way and to capture the attention of their audience right from the start.


Marvin Fox, Ventures Program Officer
Marvin Fox,
Ventures Program Officer

Red Bull Basement

Red Bull Basement is a platform for student innovators in all areas of study to kick-start their ideas using technology to drive positive change. This global program aims to connect students, encourage them to submit their ideas through a 60 second video, for their chance to pitch their idea at the global final in December. Red Bull Basement inspires students to innovate at university today and disrupt the world tomorrow.

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Ventures GCI Space, Ground floor, Global Change Institute Building (20), St Lucia campus
Ventures GCI Space