Jacqui is passionate about developing an entrepreneurial mindset among UQ students and building a strong ecosystem within our community that nurtures and empowers this entrepreneurial mindset to flourish. An entrepreneurial mindset to Jacqui is beyond just starting a business; it is about giving something a go, looking at problems as opportunities to solve them, backing yourself, not being afraid to fail and even when you fail, learning from those powerful lessons that only failure can teach us and help us grow and become a better version of ourselves than the one we started with. These are the kinds of graduates that Jacquie envisions we can help shape and mould through the programs that Ventures deliver; true change makers who can go out into the world confident and agile enough to navigate the ever changing business and working landscape. Game changers who can be at the forefront of creating positive change in our world.

Drawing from years of industry experience both in the chartered and commercial accounting space, her own entrepreneurial journey, years of playing competitive sports at the international level and love for coaching, mentoring, and inspiring young people to believe in themselves, Jacqui hopes to bring value and meaningful contribution to the work she does and most importantly to the students who cross her path either in the workshops and events that she delivers or in one-on-one mentoring sessions with them individually.