Pitch Perfect - how to pitch to any industry regardless of bias or gender

The world of startups may conjure a vision of professional go-getters, powered by purpose, a regular dose of lattes and fuelled by diversity to stimulate innovation.

In fact, entrepreneurship, particularly for female founders, can offer a chance to sidestep institutionalised hiring and promotion processes in environments where gender bias may still exist.

Yet, the latest research from The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School discovered that female CEOs and founders still operate at a disadvantage in industries perceived as male-dominated when pitching for capital. The good news is they also found promising opportunities to correct the trend.

Quick Facts

  1. New research finds female venture CEOs are often penalised when pitching for capital in male-dominated industries.
  2. Researchers identified subconscious bias as the biggest factor for a ‘lack of fit’ effect.
  3. Experts say there are strategies that can reduce bias when pitching.

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Last updated:
8 April 2021