Empower Pitch Night

5:30-8:30pm, Tuesday 28 November 2023

UQ's first ever women's accelerator startup founders are gearing up to pitch.

Join our startup founders as they pitch to a panel of experts and an audience of students and innovators from Queensland’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The 2023 Ventures Empower Women's Accelerator Pitch Night will showcase cutting-edge innovations from UQ’s women and gender diverse startup entrepreneurs. This diverse cohort of founders range from social entrepreneurs to trailblazers in health, cold-brew beverages, decomposable packaging, and more. Don’t miss this flagship event on the Ventures calendar – it’s an opportunity to see the future being made right here in Queensland.


This event is supported by LIFTwomen and EY.

Stars of the show

  • Dialogic Education Services

    Dialogic Education Services

    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Software, Education

    Online professional learning in science education
  • East Forged

    East Forged

    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Beverage, Social Enterprise

    Cold-brew tea beverages bringing tea into new social spaces.
  • Farm Hero

    Farm Hero

    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Software

    An app connecting farmers with service providers of agricultural equipment in Cambodia.
  • La Foundary

    La Foundary

    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Sustainability

    Decomposable packaging made from waste materials with the power of mycelium.
  • OzCeutics


    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Health

    Nature-derived antimicrobials to treat human and animal dermatitis.
  • Young Stripes

    Young Stripes

    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Education

    STEM programs for Kenyan school students addressing educational inequalities.


This event is being held for the purpose of showcasing startups that are completing the Ventures Empower Women's Accelerator program and not for the purpose of seeking funding, capital, or investment. Presentations do not consider the objectives or financial situation of audience members and should not be taken as advice to investors or potential investors. Pitches are not – and should not be construed as – an offer, invitation, or recommendation to invest.  

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For more information about Empower Pitch Night, please contact the UQ Ventures team below.