This is a fantastic opportunity to extend your networks by establishing connections with Peruvian and Australian companies while gaining valuable insights and knowledge in entrepreneurship and diversifying your skillsets.

We invite you to participate in the challenge. All team members must submit the form individually and note their team members names in the form. Please select if you would like assistance with matching with a team.

The winning proposal team will be offered two travels/tickets to pitch their idea at an Australian technological event.

Registrations are closed. 

Submit your business proposal 

More information please contact Camila Santa Cruz Guindalini

The challenge

A business proposal should be submitted by a team of three UQ undergraduate or postgraduate students, including a maximum of two Peruvian students per team. UQ alumni are welcome to participate in the challenge, however, they will not be eligible to receive prizes.

Student teams are to respond to one of the four key subjects detailed below and to submit a business proposal:

  • future of travel  – innovating the way we think about travel, promote travel and how we travel
  • experience of tourism – developing innovative thematic tourism experiences, such as sports, gastronomy, adventure
  • environmental impact – reducing the negative impact that tourism has on the environment on innovations in technologies and processes
  • community development – developing innovative tourism solutions that empower local communities through local economic growth, rural development and socio-cultural inclusivity

Competition outline

  • Registration closes: 24/07/19
    Each team member will need to register.
  • Announcement of the participant teams: 25/07/19
  • Deadline for the submission of business proposal: 9/09/19
    You will need to outline a novel business idea structured according to the business model canvas. Submissions must not exceed 1500 words. Submit on StudentHub
  • Announcement of the selected teams: 16/09/19
    Three top proposals will be selected to be presented to a panel of academic and industry experts (Expert Panel), as well as to the Trade Commission of Peru.
  • Pitch presentation and announcement of the winner: date to be announced
    Teams will be given five minutes to present, with an additional 5 minutes allowed for questions. Teams will be judged on their innovation, creativity, practicality, scalability, business model, potential impact, and clarity of expression and presentation. 

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