Pitch Night

Thursday 23 March 2023

UQ's startup founders are gearing up to pitch.

Join our startup founders as they pitch to a panel of experts and an audience of students and innovators from Queensland’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The 2023 Ventures ilab Accelerator Pitch Night will showcase cutting-edge innovations from UQ’s startup entrepreneurs. This diverse cohort of founders range from social entrepreneurs to trailblazers in nutrition, FinTech, augmented reality, and space. Don’t miss this flagship event on the Ventures calendar – it’s an opportunity to see the future being made right here in Queensland.

Founders series

In the lead up to Pitch Night, we'll be introducing you to our 11 teams that will take to the stage and present their innovations.

Follow us on socials @uqventures as we share their stories and watch the Founders Series playlist on our Ventures YouTube Channel.

See what this year's cohort is all about. 

Watch our 2023 Founders Series

Stars of the show

  • AutoPricer


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Software, Retail

    New car buying app with instant results.
  • Exprea


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Travel

    A platform to uncover Australia’s most unique destinations
  • ExtrasJar


    ilab Accelerator #17 | FinTech

    Blending insurance with investment.
  • Gutrition


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Health

    The world’s first low FODMAP meal kit.
  • HalalBee


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Software, Food

    A fully integrated platform for halal food options.
  • Herik Labs

    Herik Labs

    ilab Accelerator #17 | Space

    3D printing the most efficient rocket engine in Australia.
  • IntelVest


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Hardware

    A device with real-time monitoring of overexertion in firefighters.
  • Red-Point


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Augmented Reality

    World’s first ever Augmented Reality rock climbing guide app.
  • RÉÉ


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Beverage, Social Enterprise

    Coffee positive impact platform.
  • Tera


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Sustainability

    Turning CO2 emissions into sustainable products.
  • toki


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Software

    Using psychology to humanise app dating.

Judging panel

Dr Rolf Gomes
Founder, Director and Cardiologist at Heart of Australia
Dr James Fielding
Founder and CEO of Audeara
Kate Jones
Executive Director, Tech Council of Australia and Principal Advisor, Soda


This event is being held for the purpose of showcasing startups that are completing the Ventures ilab Accelerator program and not for the purpose of seeking funding, capital, or investment. Presentations do not consider the objectives or financial situation of audience members and should not be taken as advice to investors or potential investors. Pitches are not – and should not be construed as – an offer, invitation, or recommendation to invest.  


For more information about Pitch Night or UQ's entrepreneurial programs, contact

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