Investing in smart innovations

20 Nov 2018

After attracting $4.8 million from backers in 2018, Brisbane company MOVUS is highlighting the success of UQ’s investment in entrepreneurship and innovation opportunities.

Imagine never again having to worry about – or even consider – a mechanical breakdown in your car, or a kitchen appliance that's on the verge of packing it in.

Not knowing how long a vital piece of equipment will last throws uncertainty into production and budgeting, and undermines a commitment to satisfying customer needs. 

The flip side is regular and costly maintenance, which can lead to poor allocation of finances and time. And for some industries, unnecessary maintenance can mean putting employees or contractors in a physically dangerous position. 

With the backing of UQ’s ilab – a business accelerator hub for startup businesses based at UQ’s St Lucia campus – Australian company MOVUS is looking to alleviate this conundrum.

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