Startup Academy winner on a mission to save children’s lives

23 November 2020

In Australia, more children die from injury than cancer, asthma and infectious diseases combined.

One for you founding couple, Merry and Johnathon Strange
One for you founders Johnathon & Merryn

Beyond this grim statement, an incident involving button batteries swallowed by a child led Merryn Strange, a UQ PhD candidate with the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, and paramedic husband Johnathon, to found One for you. Together, they want to educate and promote awareness about the importance of first aid education.

As a "newbie" entrepreneur, Merryn joined Ventures' Startup Academy program to gain further advice and take more action toward building her startup.

"Startup Academy was incredible," Merryn said.

"The program gives you confidence and the ability to refine insights.

"It allowed us to define a clear path forward." 

"We initially wanted to start by teaching businesses, but realised that the best way to make a change was not through teaching but through generating awareness." 

"Startup Academy was the catalyst for us, and it did shape our project."

Startup Academy is a ten-week program where participants focus on validating and testing their product-market fit and developing a sustainable business model. The intensive program has participants working with their potential customers, guided by leading entrepreneurs, innovators and industry mentors.

At the final pitch event, Merryn and Johnathon placed fourth, receiving $1000 for One for you; they plan on re-investing in the business by adding it to their crowdfunding pot.

The initial problem is simple, yet in need of a solution. Too many Australian children get seriously injured and too many caregivers do not know first aid.

From general knowledge of dangers (swallowing a button battery) to a more specific understanding of actions to take (first aid), One for you is on a mission to 

  • Improve knowledge of risks and first aid
  • Facilitate first aid for low-income families (who cannot afford the existing training options)
  • Increase general awareness.

To progress their mission, they are running a crowdfunding campaign, via the StartSomeGood platform. This initial outreach will  fund first aid courses for up to 30 new parents who wouldn't usually be able to afford it.

This is also a first step towards generating awareness in the community and growing One for you's audience and brand. While they are already sharing information and tips on their social networks, they want to keep expanding the brand via cue cards, recommendations and other products.

A first step towards saving more lives.

Their crowdfunding closes in one week, so there is still time to get involved and make a difference for both children's and parents' lives in Australia.

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