Game-Changers foster talent in ilab Accelerator

4 April 2024

Supporting your journey to startup success in the Ventures ilab Accelerator are two new and inspiring Entrepreneurs in Residence. Access to their real-life experiences could power your idea into the market. 

You’re not alone when you are part of the ilab Accelerator program. Not only do you have your cohort and the support of the Ventures team, but you also have powerful ideas people in your corner – at Ventures, we call them our Entrepreneurs in Residence. 

For our newest ilab Accelerator Program in 2024, Ventures is fortunate to welcome some extraordinarily talented founders who are ready to share what they have learned and guide our newest group through the Accelerator program, culminating in Pitch Night. 

Abbey Cameron

Abbey Cameron, the dynamic CEO behind the revolutionary fresh meal provider Nourish’d, is here to shake the startup scene to its core and to stir up innovation. Prepare to embark on a journey of culinary enlightenment as Abbey shares her recipe for success with budding entrepreneurs hungry for change.  

A decade ago, fuelled by the frustration of limited healthy meal options amidst the chaos of her professional life, Abbey embarked on a quest to redefine convenience and nutrition.  

Fast forward ten years, and Nourish’d is a household name, delivering over a million freshly prepared meals to 6,500 suburbs across Australia. What's even more impressive? Abbey and her partner, David Crompton, have kept 97% ownership of their brainchild, proving that success doesn't have to come at the expense of autonomy.   

Abbey's mission extends far beyond her own triumphs. Fuelled by her passion for nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs, she's now ready to pay it forward. Armed with a wealth of experience and a contagious entrepreneurial spirit, Abbey is gearing up to ignite the next wave of changemakers at UQ Ventures.  

“If I can help other people to get through the challenges I had more quickly, and with greater resilience on the other side, that's my duty,” she said. 

“I am looking forward to being in a room creating magic with UQ entrepreneurs. It means that I can advocate for the social impacts that I really believe in”, she said.   

L to R: Abbey Cameron, Angus McLachlan, Tyson Jennings, Zoe Black and Marc Orchard.


Fellow Entrepreneur in Residence, Angus McLachlan, is the visionary CEO behind Bopple, an innovative online food ordering platform. With a keen eye for disruption and a heart set on streamlining the hospitality industry, Angus is here to dish out a fresh perspective on entrepreneurship.  

Angus McLachlan

In every bustling bar and crowded restaurant, each order is executed flawlessly. That's the world Angus envisions with Bopple, where seamless transactions and satisfied customers reign supreme. From humble beginnings to a thriving ecosystem serving thousands of businesses worldwide, Angus is proof that big dreams can yield even bigger results.  

As our newest Entrepreneurs in Residence, Abbey and Angus are poised to revolutionise the startup landscape at UQ. With their guidance, aspiring innovators will unlock their full potential, armed with the tools and tenacity to navigate the tumultuous seas of entrepreneurship.  

“It’s a direct opportunity for others to learn from my scar tissue,” Angus said.  

“Grit and resilience are required to weather the storms and know that nothing is ever as good or as bad as it seems. I want to turn my experience into value for others”, he said. 

Join us at the Ventures ilab Accelerator Chapter 2, where innovation knows no bounds and success could just be a click away. Access up to $15,000 in investment funding, mentor and investor networks, workshops, industry events and a co-working space. Applications are now open—seize your opportunity to shine before 7 May.

Ventures have an upcoming information session on 2 May so that you can find out more about the Accelerator prior to applying. 

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