Five tips for launching a startup during a pandemic

As UQ’s Chief Student Entreprenuer and successful founder, Rachael Dagge is no stranger to launching startups. She spoke with Contact Magazine to share her tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Rachael Dagge UQ Chief Student Entrepreneur
Rachael Dagge, UQ's Chief Student Entrepreneur

Ironically, times of uncertainty can bring clarity in terms of priorities and vision. For many, the past few months of reflection – or changes at work – have spurred long-standing ambitions to launch a startup or side hustle.

Launching a startup is all about timing. If you're considering taking the leap, here are some tips to get you started.

1. Test your assumptions. Use the time to get to know your customer and your market – you may think you know what people think and feel, but don’t try and create a problem to fit your solution. This is a huge mistake I see time and time again (and have done myself). Rather, it should be the other way around.

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Last updated:
28 September 2020