This masterclass will cover the why and the how of sustainable impact businesses.

We will be welcoming guest speaker Peter Ball, talking about "Enterprising your impact": Learn how to create solid business models that help you make a better impact. 

We will also cover the following: 

  • What - and how - are you generating value for? 
  • Who are you impacting? And how different groups will have a different need from what you are solving 
  • How versus what / intent versus goal
  • What are revenue streams for impact?
  • Scaling social impact and the frameworks around that (franchise etc)
  • Who are you creating value for and what are the different ways to make money with impact? 

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About Social Enterprise Impact Series

Did you know that one of the global trends for 2020 and beyond is the conscious consumer?

Consumers are voting with their dollars and with their loyalty. 86% of consumers expect companies to do something about environmental and social problems? Or that 3out of 4 millennials would take a pay cut to work with a socially responsible company?

These are your future customers.

Come and learn how to identify and create businesses that solve social, environmental and economic issues with our series of social impact training and learning events, the Social Enterprise Impact Series. 

This series of four standalone masterclasses will provide you with the keys to building a social enterprise and focuses directly on the specifics and pillars of impact businesses.

In these upcoming sessions, led by UQ Ventures social entrepreneurship experts, building on their own experience in the domain (Tiah Goldstein, Tomas Piccinini), attendees will get to deep dive in, and learn about, the specifics of building and growing a social business. 

In addition, seasoned professionals will be invited to share their expertise.

These sessions are free and open to all with an interest – or curiosity – in social entrepreneurship. 

From a UQ programs perspective, these sessions complement the Idea Hub Unlimited program. Unlimited provides you with the foundations of entrepreneurship; Social Enterprise Impact Series helps you learn about how to blend profit and purpose.

Please note that having attended these sessions (on top of participation in Idea Hub Unlimited) will be a mandatory requirement for people keen to participate in the upcoming Social Enterprise Program. The latter aims to assist and accompany participants go from idea to building their impact business.


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