UQ Founders Pledge

Entrepreneurial networks creating lasting impact

The University of Queensland has a well-established and highly active entrepreneurship ecosystem. With a growing number of UQ alumni undertaking highly successful ventures, the UQ Founders Pledge is an opportunity for founders to join and give back to the UQ entrepreneurial community in a meaningful way.

Join the UQ Founders Pledge and create change in the right way for you.

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The UQ Founders Pledge allows our entrepreneurial community to partner with UQ to create a shared vision for the future. Entrepreneurs are people of action who want to create change and solve problems, and UQ is committed to supporting their success.

Philanthropy and entrepreneurialism are a natural match. At UQ, we know that people who start their own ventures often want to create a meaningful and lasting impact on society.

Your pledge

To join, simply register your interest.

When the timing is right for you – typically after your company’s sale or IPO – our team can help to facilitate your gift. There is no minimum commitment, every gift to UQ is deeply appreciated and enhances UQ’s ability to create knowledge leadership for a better world. When you are ready, please contact the UQ Founders Pledge team at founderspledge@uq.edu.au.

Member benefits

UQ has the educational foundations, established ecosystem, alumni entrepreneurs and engagement pathways to support you as a founder.

Participate in UQ Ventures Programs

Be a guest speaker, mentor student entrepreneurs and judge their best ideas.

Exclusive networking events

Network with Founders Pledge members, high-profile founders, academics, and senior University leaders. See past events.

Find great talent

Access our pipeline of graduating and current students who seek experience in an entreprenurial working environment or startup.

Access UQ spaces and meeting rooms

Use UQ Ventures and City Campus meeting rooms to work for a day or collaborate with other founders. To book please contact us.

Partner with UQ to solve challenges

Connect with academics or engage with student and staff teams to identify and solve problems through competitions, hackathons, workshops and more.

UQ Founders Pledge Online Group

Interact with the community on UQ Change Makers and exchange ideas, tips, and solutions with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Our founders

Roz Hendriks
Honorary Chair, UQ Founders Pledge and Founding CEO, Immunexpress (Brisbane, Seattle) and Tend Health (Seattle)
Jason Titman
Past Honorary Chair, UQ Founders Pledge and Director, integr8 Investment Group, Board Advisor, COO & CFO Neto
Jamien Zimmermann
Founder and CEO, TravelSIM Australia
Sally McPherson
Group Chief Executive Officer, Constructiv Technologies
Joshua Hammond
Ex-Founder/Director and Cinematographer, HINT Media
Robert Quinn
Co-founder and CEO, Patch'd Medical
Josh Tambunan
UQ’s Chief Student Entrepreneur 2019
Alastair Blenkin
Founder and CEO, ProcurePro and Hyra iQ
James Swanston
Founder and CEO, Voyage Control
Mark Schroder
Founder and General Manager, SurfSpeak
Josh Mackenzie
Chairman and Founder, DBL Group.
Zoe Black
Co-founder, Happy Paws Happy Hearts
Graeme Caplen
Co-founder and Director, Happy Paws Happy Hearts
Rachel Huang
Head of Business Development, Vacayit
Tim Marks
Head of Engineering, Cocoon
Matthew Horton
Co-founder, foundU
William Ferguson
Founder and CEO, Wylas Timing
Viraj Agnihotri
Director & CEO, Augmented Bionics
Runali Maniya
Ex-Founder, SDG Impactors
Nigel Greenwood
Founder and CEO, Evolving Machine Intelligence
Bernardo Gonzalez Arechiga Martinez
CEO, LearnAla
Jozsua Heng
Consultant, GSA Management Consulting
Natalie Haanwinckel Hurtado
Founder and CEO, ARTEH
Richard Roth
Founder, Ikari Dojo
Casey Pfluger
Founder, Cortex Technologies
Saara Jamieson
Owner, Director and Inventor, Cool Beans Underwear
Kelsey Holding
Development Associate, The University of Sydney
Andy Galloway
Founder (Director), Do.Nation and CharityPIG
Ashley Hanger
Founder, Stripped Supply
Scott Johnson
Co-founder, Get Mentally Fit
Alexander Bell
Managing Director, Milton Rum Distillery
Emily Johnson
Co-founder, Get Mentally Fit
Roger Tang
Co-founder & CEO, envirometrics.io
May Bandi
Co-founder and Director, Tirtyl
Siobhan Coster
Founder, Eclipse
Melvin Tan
Program Success Lead, F10 Incubator & Accelerator
Co-founder, the Social Peeps
Chris Pymble
Founder and CEO, Graphics et al.
Hailey Brown
Founder and CEO, Vacayit
Mariuxy Jaramillo
Founder, Tukuna
Andrea Epifani
Co Founder, Uuvipak
Andy St Baker-Radice
Founder and Director of Partnerships, Inspower Community
Kaitlyn Sapier
Managing Director, Eduvidd
Amelia St Baker
Marketing Manager, St Baker Energy Innovation Fund
Phoebe Bardsley
Co-founder and CEO, Go Locum
Jason Kluver
COO and Founder, Shadow Foundr Ltd
Tim Hill
CEO, Fleetyr
Tony Harcourt
Co-founder, WorkGuru
Tim Tout
Co-founder and Managing Director, HummingByrd Inc.
Jeremy Hastings
Founder and Executive Chair, Hutly
Nadine Zrinzo
Co-founder, Bright Humans & Something Digital
Melody Jarvis
Founder, Villager
Daniel Crundall
Director, Global Sourcing Services
Tom Bizzell
Co-founder, Wakeshare
Sophie Yao
Managing Director, Pegasus Tech Ventures, China
Alex Ferguson
COO, Nanoputian.io
Ben Stein
CEO, Staple
Matthew Kairl
Founder and CEO, Angela Safety
Ben Cleary-Corradini
Co-founder and Director, Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers
Lachlan Jeremijenko
Founder, Tera
Khalid Tarabay
Director of Big Live Pty Ltd and Principal Lawyer, ENTLAWCO
Chi-Kang Chiang
Co-founder and CEO, FoundersBacker
Kimberly Worsham
Founder and Principal, FLUSH
Rob Stankiewicz
Founder and Director, MCCSCO Group Pty Ltd
Zaidul Alam
Sarah-Jane Peterschlingmann
Managing Director, ATech
Sina Panah
CEO, SPACE Platform
Alok Patel
CEO, Azcende
Emily de la Peña
Founder, Coding Kids
Andy Lee
Founder, Pluton
Martin Mora
CEO, Red-Point
Fiachra Kearney
Director and CEO, Forever Wild (Group)
Jess Pattison
Partner, Dirt Lab
Andrew Chadwick
Director, Second Life Battery Sales
Dr Chris Booth
General Partner, 42 Ventures
Geoffrey Zabell
Co-CEO, Kwala
Helena Uhm
Founder, Inoya Pty Ltd


For more information about the UQ Founders Pledge, contact

Maritza Messina , Global and Institutional Philanthropy, UQ