Successful firing of first commercial liquid fuelled Australian rocket

27 Mar 2020
Valiant Space team after hot fire test
Valiant Space crew after hot fire test

Queensland-based Valiant Space has successfully test-fired the first commercially developed liquid-fuelled rocket engine in Australian history from a launch site north of Goondiwindi, Queensland.

On 15 March, 2020, the 'Momentum' engine ignited for the first time, signifying a major milestone for Valiant Space. This comes after over a year of successful system integration and inert propellant testing, and is the start of an even bigger testing campaign.

Valiant Space chief executive Andrew Uscinski, said “The test couldn’t have come at a better time. We are really excited about our next phase of development."

The Brisbane based company is developing rocket propulsion technologies to help propel the next generation of spacecraft to and from the surface of the Moon.

Following this test, Valiant Space will be integrating the engine into an Earth-based rocket that will simulate lunar descent, landing, and traversing manoeuvres.

Valiant Space chief operating officer Bryan Greenham added, "This is a key component in our plans to deliver commercial and scientific payloads to unique locations on the moon and to bring them back."

This live firing was performed at Beyond the Blue Aerospace’s launch and test facility, Funny Farm Space, north of Goondiwindi, Queensland.

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Valiant Space is currently participating in the 2020 ilab Accelerator program. During this six-month program the team of engineering students, Andrew Uscinski, Bryan Greenham and Michael Douw are receiving mentorship and have been awarded $20,000 to accelerate their startup.