Valiant Space receives supply chain grant to manufacture thruster

15 Jun 2022

Valiant Space have received a grant for $750,000 to develop their manufacturing capability, which will support the development of their non-toxic chemical satellite propulsion system.

Valiant Space hot fire test
Valiant’s prototype thruster undergoing a hot-fire test.

As part of the Moon to Mars initiative, which is supporting the development of the Australian Space Industry to be part of NASA's endeavour to reach Mars (via the Moon), Valiant Space has been awarded a grant for their innovative propulsion system. The grant which is part of a $1 Million project which supports the development of their supply chain, will see Valiant Space upscale and deliver its non-toxic satellite propulsion technologies to domestic and international customers by overcoming barriers to market entry.  

“We have been in the process over the past 12 months of speaking with potential customers, understanding their needs and we've started to build up a list of potential first customers that we're now looking to increase our company capability to be able to meet their requirements,” said Andrew Uscinski, the CEO and co-founder of Valiant Space.

The project will focus on three key areas: flight testing, scalability, and delivery. Valiant will conduct two demonstration spaceflights of its VS-1 non-toxic thruster hardware over the duration of the one-year project.

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Valiant Space participated in the 2020 ilab Accelerator program. During this six-month program the team of engineering students, Andrew Uscinski, Bryan Greenham and Michael Douw received mentorship and were awarded $20,000 to accelerate their startup.