Dating and diabetes deliver the goods

14 Nov 2022

You’re out on a date and suddenly you’re watching someone whipping out a packet of needles in front of you. What’s going on here?

As if the needles, fluctuating energy levels, scrupulous monitoring of diet and exercise, and constant visits to the pharmacy weren’t enough, this is just one more challenge people with type 1 diabetes face – the reaction of others to the realities of their condition.

But (non-diabetic) UQ graduate Ashley Hanger (Bachelor of Communication / Bachelor of Journalism ’15) – one of those ‘others’ – channelled her reaction to make life simpler for people with diabetes.

Stripped Supply founder and UQ alum Ashley Hanger
Stripped Supply founder and UQ alum Ashley Hanger.

She founded Stripped Supply.

Australia’s first diabetes subscription box, this online healthcare service ensures that people living with diabetes never run out of medical supplies – by automatically delivering custom-order boxes directly to their door.

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Ashley Hanger participated in the 2021 Ventures ilab Accelerator program and her startup Stripped Supply won the 2021 Ventures ilab Accelerator Pitch Night.

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