Igniting digital innovation for a bright future

30 Oct 2022

A University of Queensland course is preparing business students for future technologies and jobs that haven’t been invented yet by encouraging them to turn theory into innovation action.

UQ School of Business students have worked through the hackathon with Jason Lowe of Oracle and Business Information Systems lecturer Dr Christoph Breidbach.

More than 1,600 School of Business students have so far participated in a hackathon, in which they used cloud or blockchain technologies to develop a digital tool to address one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The teaching program embodies the theme of this year’s UQ Teaching and Learning Week – Learning for Life.

Dr Christoph Breidbach, Senior Lecturer in Business Information Systems, says the hackathon, run with global technology company Oracle, is the best part of his semester.

“We’re preparing our students for a future that we can't anticipate,” Dr Breidbach said.

“The jobs of the future, the technologies that our graduates will work with or develop, or benefit from, most likely haven't been invented today.

“From a teaching perspective, a hackathon is fantastic because it teaches students to innovate in a structured manner, to work on a real-life project and to collaborate with industry partners.

“The hackathon shifts their experience from thinking about academic theories to using the methods and processes we give them to come up with something amazing and often it’s something I wouldn't have anticipated,” he said.

Nimrod Klayman, Head of Entrepreneurship at UQ said UQ Ventures provided students with support during the hackathon, including sessions on how to pitch ideas effectively and how to apply design thinking.

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