Five mindfulness tips from SDG Impactors' founder

Runali Maniya’s startup SDG Impactors wants you to wear the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a t-shirt to Leave No One Behind. When she lost her job due to COVID-19, she turned to Mindfulness - a practice she learnt on UQ's Wise Leadership course. 

My five mindfulness takeaways 

Runali smiling to camera in the University's Great Court - she's leaning against a sandstone pillar wearing a SDG Impactors' t-shirt
Runali wearing SDG Impactors' t-shirt
  1. Go for a walk alone without a phone: Listen to the sounds around you, observe and touch the plants. Every day you will find something new on your walk.
  2. Listen to your preferred music: If it makes you feel like dancing, dance. Sit in a relaxing chair and enjoy the music, probably with a sip of your favourite beverage. 
  3.  Always eat the first bite of all your meals with closed eyes. Feel the taste. Do not use any technology while eating. If you are very busy, just turn your chair around, finish your food and then go back to work. 
  4. Practise elementary backstroke while swimming – this is a great way to listen to yourself.
  5. Share your thoughts and talk with people: Sometimes a little chat can go a long way to introduce you to new horizons.

Read Runali's full story here 

Last updated:
29 October 2020