• Koipay


    ilab Accelerator #14 | Fintech

    Financial software developed delivering custom developed solutions for businesses as they emerge from COVID lockdown.
  • Tracer 


    lab Accelerator #14 | Fintech

    An open-source peer to peer financial technology which enables the trustless exchange of derivative products on Ethereum.
  • Open Induction

    Open Induction

    ilab Accelerator #14 | Clean energy, Aviation

    Creating swappable hybrid aeroplane engines that will reduce fuel consumption in commercial aviation
  • PhysiSqueeze


    ilab Accelerator #14 | Healthtech

    End-to-end pelvic floor muscle solution for active women.
  • Kurin Organics

    Kurin Organics

    ilab Accelerator #14 | Cleaning

    We build practical and ethical solutions, transforming the laundry experience.
  • Valiant Space

    Valiant Space

    ilab Accelerator #14 | Space

    Developing technology to land payloads on the Moon and return them to Earth.
  • WorkingMouse


    ilab Incubate | Automation, Software developer tools

    WorkingMouse is the developer of the Codebots platform that can automatically write up to 92 per cent of a clients application's codebase to rapidly rollout new state of art web and mobile apps.
  • ANTI Ordinary

    ANTI Ordinary

    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator #1 | Safety, Product, Snowsports

    A beanie that's as safe as a helmet.
  • Sportido


    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator | Marketplace, SaaS, Community

    Find people, book places, play any sport.


    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator #1 | SaaS, Analytics, Hardware

    Technology for athlete testing and rehabilitation.


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