• Lewi Software

    Lewi Software

    ilab Accelerator #16 | SaaS

    Chemical Engineering in the Cloud.
  • Tradii


    ilab Accelerator #16 | SaaS, ConTech

    Cloud-based SaaS platform for the construction industry that reduces business costs through efficient vehicle routing.
  • Eclipse


    ilab Accelerator #16 | Sustainability

    Sustainably creating nutritional protein ingredients in partnership with CSIRO using precision fermentation.
  • Vacayit


    ilab Accelerator #16 | Tourism, Disability

    An audio storytelling platform for blind and low vision tourists.
  • Graphics et al.

    Graphics et al.

    ilab Accelerator #16 | Education

    Create scientifically accurate graphics and animations in minutes.
  • Angela


    ilab Accelerator #16 | Software

    Mobile nightlife app that connects users to venue staff to improve safety standards for women and at-risk.
  • FuturEcook


    ilab Accelerator #16 | Social Enterprise

    Improving health, education and the environment with smart electric cooking for schools and refugee settings in developing countries.
  • Go Locum

    Go Locum

    ilab Accelerator #16 | HealthTech

    The medical workforce marketplace that connects doctors to hospitals to fill urgent roster vacancies.
  • Uuvipak


    ilab Accelerator #16 | Sustainability

    Replacing single-use plastics with clean organic food waste.
  • Lean Systems

    Lean Systems

    ilab Accelerator #16 | Manufacturing

    Software for assembly manufacturing that provides insights into their production inefficiencies.


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