• Tinn-e logo


    ilab Accelerator #15 | Electric vehicles, Sustainability

    The first boat that’s a good investment for you and your planet.
  • Wine Valet

    ilab Accelerator #15 | Food and beverage

    Helping customers find their perfect wine match.
  • Yuva AI

    ilab Accelerator #15 | Software, Artificial intellegence

    Synthetic Data for Computer Vision AI.
  • Stripped Supply

    Stripped Supply

    ilab Accelerator #15 | Health

    Making diabetes management as simple as humanly possible.
  • SparkTank


    ilab Accelerator #15 | Business software

    The #1 smart tool to generate and prioritise ideas for problem-solving.
  • envirometrics.io


    ilab Accelerator #15 | Mining

    Automating satellite imagery analytics for environmental reporting in the mining sector.
  • Endla


    ilab Accelerator #15 | Mining

    Fit-for-purpose tools that reduce the lifetime cost of drilling completing and operating coal seam gas wells.
  • Deep Connection

    Deep Connection

    ilab Accelerator #15 | HealthTech

    We simulate hands in virtual reality with just an armband.
  • Bloom

    Bloom Impact Investing

    ilab Accelerator #15 | FinTech

    Climate impact investing made easy
  • Bigbluemarble India

    Bigbluemarble India

    ilab Accelerator #15 | Consumer goods

    Saving the planet, one toothbrush at a time.


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