• Young Stripes

    Young Stripes

    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Education

    STEM programs for Kenyan school students addressing educational inequalities.
  • Farm Hero

    Farm Hero

    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Software

    An app connecting farmers with service providers of agricultural equipment in Cambodia.
  • Dialogic Education Services

    Dialogic Education Services

    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Software, Education

    Online professional learning in science education
  • La Foundary

    La Foundary

    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Sustainability

    Decomposable packaging made from waste materials with the power of mycelium.
  • East Forged

    East Forged

    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Beverage, Social Enterprise

    Cold-brew tea beverages bringing tea into new social spaces.
  • OzCeutics


    Empower Women's Accelerator #1 | Health

    Nature-derived antimicrobials to treat human and animal dermatitis.
  • toki


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Software

    Using psychology to humanise app dating.
  • Tera


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Sustainability

    Turning CO2 emissions into sustainable products.
  • RÉÉ


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Beverage, Social Enterprise

    Coffee positive impact platform.
  • Red-Point


    ilab Accelerator #17 | Augmented Reality

    World’s first ever Augmented Reality rock climbing guide app.


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