• Xplainable


    ilab Accelerator #18 | AI, Software

    Building trust in machine learning with human-understandable predictive models.
  • MindMuse


    ilab Accelerator #18 | Software, Compliancy, Mental Health

    AI to Help 10,000 people improve mental health support.
  • Learnable


    ilab Accelerator #18 | EdTech

    A study co-pilot that understands how you learn.
  • Recovery Metrics

    Recovery Metrics

    ilab Accelerator #18 | Software, Health, HealthTech

    The google analytics of mental health care.
  • PhiSaver


    ilab Accelerator #18 | Energy Efficiency, Cleantech

    An per-circuit energy monitoring system.
  • Chatstat


    ilab Accelerator #18 | AI, HealthTech

    AI-driven platform offering real-time, non-invasive social media monitoring focused on at-risk youth.
  • Flashback


    ilab Accelerator #18 | Hardware, D2C

    The soul of a film camera reborn in a digital era.
  • Australian Urban Growers

    Australian Urban Growers

    ilab Accelerator #18 | Agtech, Education, Sustainable Development

    Developing a sustainable food system through practical education.
  • Joydrobe


    ilab Accelerator #18 | FashionTech

    A.I. fashion assistant to help increase customer satisfaction.
  • The Act 2 Project

    The Act 2 Project

    ilab Accelerator #18 | Professional Services, HR Tech

    Untapping the talent pool of career returners for innovative employers.


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