• Robotics Playground

    Robotics Playground

    ilab Accelerator #12 | Robotics, Education, Edtech

    Robotics Playground provides an accessible, inclusive and fun space to learn and explore robotics and all things Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). We host workshops led by industry professionals and educators, as well as providing a robotics playground to have fun exploring and playing with robotics.
  • Model Econ

    Model Econ

    ilab Accelerator #12 | Edtech, Education, Economics

    Applied Economic Models for the Understanding of the World. Model Econ is an interactive economics education platform. Our platform contains interactive content, real-world economics, simulators and tools for educators to facilitate learning and engage students.
  • IB Mastermind

    IB Mastermind

    ilab Accelerator #12 | Edtech, Education, IB.

    IB MasterMind is a next-generation study tool for the International Baccalaureate. They analyse your performance as you study, and provide you with personalised feedback so that you can maximise the efficiency of your learning and exam-taking.
  • Happy Dinosaur

    Happy Dinosaur

    ilab Accelerator #12 | Marketing, advertising.

    Happy Dinosaur is a marketplace connecting advertisers and ad space owners.
  • Beome


    ilab Accelerator #13 | Proptech, Rentals

    A shared rental platform that allows like-minded individuals to find each other and rent a shared space. Traditional real estate portals focus on displaying features of a room. Our approach, on the other hand, focusses on matching compatible housemates with the right home.
  • Brandtools


    ilab Accelerator #13 | Marketing, Design

    Enabling users to upload a logo and instantly generate hundreds of graphic designs based on its colours and stylistic themes.
  • ClearSKY Genomics

    ClearSKY Genomics

    ilab Accelerator #13 | Healthtech, Genomics

    Developing tools to help people understand and engage with the information in their genome.
  • Fiffy Solutions

    Fiffy Solutions

    ilab Accelerator #13 | Technology, Sensors

    An IoT startup that counts people and monitors foot traffic in order to optimise building spaces.
  • Homecube


    ilab Accelerator #13 | Tiny house, Modular housing.

    Providing housing that is cheaper and faster to construct than traditional options, and that absorbs CO2.
  • Inkquiry


    ilab Accelerator #13 | IoT, Education, Edtech

    Inkquiry's goal is to aid children on their journey along an individualised learning pathway by providing technology and tools that not only help the student but also improve the well-being of teachers.


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