• Arival


    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator #1 | Software, SaaS

    Arival is the technology platform that is revolutionising live sports engagement.
  • Jetson Industries

    Jetson Industries

    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator #1 | Sensors, IoT, VR

    Jetson Industries combines the latest in advanced electronics and online gaming with traditional sports equipment.
  • Wylas Timing

    Wylas Timing

    HYPE UQ SPIN Sportstech Accelerator #1 | IoT, Hardware

    A wireless swimming timing system that coordinates the collection, recording and display of timing information for swimming meets and carnivals.
  • iNovoTech


    ilab Accelerator Mini | Hardware, Makerspace

    From idea to reality with our design, rapid prototyping and new product development services.
  • Ekpapalek


    ilab Accelerator Mini | Education, Social Enterprise

    Ekpapalek is a Social Enterprise providing programs for professional development that helps Latin-American students to promote their professional career, allowing them to increase their international professional profile by using our mentorship, internship and women empowerment programs.
  • KidsWantu


    ilab Accelerator Mini | Education, Parenting

    KidsWantu uses technology to give parents and carers personalised ideas to entertain kids.
  • The Third Row

    The Third Row

    ilab Accelerator #2 | Software development, Branding

    The Third Row is a consultancy & software development company designing better ways for publishers & brands to work together.
  • Truii


    ilab Accelerator #3 | Data, dashboards, SaaS

    Create and share dashboards of visualisations to gain a deeper understanding of the insights from your data.
  • EMI - Evolving Machine Intelligence

    EMI - Evolving Machine Intelligence

    ilab Accelerator #6 | Software, Algorithms

    EMI is a pure R&D entity, developing technologies that enable machines to understand and control complex systems (including other machines) non-invasively.


    ilab Incubate | Online platform, Healthtech

    Medaxs is a leading Australian digital health company providing a data-driven health marketing and analytics platform.


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