• WhippNews


    ilab Accelerator #10 | Media

    WhippNews is designed to give you the vital news in nutshell, making it easier for you to be clever.
  • Hot Chicks with Big Brains

    Hot Chicks with Big Brains

    ilab Accelerator #10 | Media, creative

    Hot Chicks with Big Brains is a feminist media company for women who work.
  • Hyra iQ

    Hyra iQ

    ilab Accelerator #10 | SaaS, Legal, Corporate leases

    Hyra iQ streamlines high volume portfolio leasing for the commercial real estate industry, so parties can accelerate agreement and get on with business.
  • myk's F.F.F. kefir

    myk's F.F.F. kefir

    ilab Accelerator #10 | Food and beverage, nutrition, health

    MYK's fine fermented fruit (F.F.F.) kefir is a live probiotic drink sourced from local seasonal fruit.
  • Neuratech


    ilab Accelerator #10 | Health, Fitness, Performance

    Neuratech focuses on creating the world's best range of health and nootropic formulas, that utilise clinically proven ingredients to enhance higher brain function.
  • Audeara


    ilab Accelerator #6 | Hardware, Headphones, Healthtech

    The world’s first full-fidelity headphones with a built-in hearing test; Audeara is revolutionising the listening experience.
  • Microba


    ilab Accelerator #9 | Healthtech,

    Microba has developed cutting edge technology to empower individuals to gain insight into their gut microbiome.
  • Adieu


    ilab Accelerator #8 | SaaS, Legal

    Divorce more collaboratively, fairly and affordably in timeframes that have never been possible before.
  • Veilability


    ilab Accelerator #1 | Marketplace, Events, Weddings

    Easily search and compare thousands of amazing wedding venues and view detailed room information, packages, special deals and more.
  • Movus


    ilab Accelerator #7 | Hardware, IoT, Maintenance

    MOVUS has developed a 'Fitbit' for industrial machines – a compact data collection and communications device, combined with powerful data analytics and a user-friendly dashboard application.


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