• Fiffy Solutions

    Fiffy Solutions

    ilab Accelerator #13 | Technology, Sensors

    An IoT startup that counts people and monitors foot traffic in order to optimise building spaces.
  • Homecube


    ilab Accelerator #13 | Tiny house, Modular housing.

    Providing housing that is cheaper and faster to construct than traditional options, and that absorbs CO2.
  • Inkquiry


    ilab Accelerator #13 | IoT, Education, Edtech

    Inkquiry's goal is to aid children on their journey along an individualised learning pathway by providing technology and tools that not only help the student but also improve the well-being of teachers.
  • Ocean Orchards

    Ocean Orchards

    ilab Accelerator #13 | Foodtech, Algae, Superfoods

    Helping people receive nutrition from Algae – such as phycocyanin, and Omega-3 DHA and EPA – by making it an easy, versatile and delicious food product.
  • PowerWells


    ilab Accelerator #13 | Social Enterprise, E-waste

    Using electronic waste, such as old laptop batteries, to make small solar systems for remote and disadvantaged communities, including in rural Indonesia.
  • Monty by Earth Offset

    Monty by Earth Offset

    ilab Accelerator #13 | Social Enterprise, IoT, Cleantech

    Building an IoT compost monitoring device that tracks biometrics and transmits data to the cloud, which then generates custom insights on how to easily and effectively compost.
  • Nature Freedom

    Nature Freedom

    ilab Accelerator #12 | Social Enterprise, Disability, Mental health

    A not-for-profit social enterprise organisation aiming to inspire, connect and empower young people who have disabilities and/or mental health to meaningfully access, participate and lead with the environment.
  • ParaSpace


    ilab Accelerator #13 | VR, Industry training

    Aiming to reduce the 3 million cases of workplace injury or death that cost the US economy more than $46b last year. We're doing this by creating cutting edge VR simulations that are capable of simulating industrial catastrophes, such as a mine collapse, which cannot be safely demonstrated in real life.
  • Brisbane Tool Library

    Brisbane Tool Library

    ilab Accelerator #11 | Social enterprise

    Borrow tools, camping and sport equipment to reduce consumption and waste.
  • Vygo


    ilab Accelerator #10 | Education, Marketplace

    Vygo is a peer learning company. It’s mobile, and web platform helps universities and other learning providers upgrade and scale their student mentoring and tutoring communities. Vygo works with universities and learning providers across Australia and the globe.


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