Navigating The Job Market: How UQ MBA Career Consultants Help Students Seize New Opportunities

28 March 2022

If you’re considering an MBA program because you want to transform your career and land a new dream job, you’re not alone.

“Last year was an all-time historic low for career moves in the Australian jobs market, but this year we’re definitely seeing a lot of movement,” said Bec McIntosh, a Career Consultant in the UQ MBA Careers and Professional Development Team.

“More people are taking action to change careers, exploring new employment opportunities and dipping their toe into new industries.

“People who haven’t considered a move for some time – they may have been in the same career for 10 years – are thinking that now is the right time to make a change.”

One UQ MBA graduate to benefit from working with the Careers and Professional Development Team is Siobhan Coster.

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