• Beome


    ilab Accelerator #13 | Proptech, Rentals

    A shared rental platform that allows like-minded individuals to find each other and rent a shared space. Traditional real estate portals focus on displaying features of a room. Our approach, on the other hand, focusses on matching compatible housemates with the right home.
  • Brandtools


    ilab Accelerator #13 | Marketing, Design

    Enabling users to upload a logo and instantly generate hundreds of graphic designs based on its colours and stylistic themes.
  • ClearSKY Genomics

    ClearSKY Genomics

    ilab Accelerator #13 | Healthtech, Genomics

    Developing tools to help people understand and engage with the information in their genome.
  • Fiffy Solutions

    Fiffy Solutions

    ilab Accelerator #13 | Technology, Sensors

    An IoT startup that counts people and monitors foot traffic in order to optimise building spaces.
  • Homecube


    ilab Accelerator #13 | Tiny house, Modular housing.

    Providing housing that is cheaper and faster to construct than traditional options, and that absorbs CO2.


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