The University of Queensland announces the 7th Chief Student Entrepreneur

20 February 2024

Photo credit: Jenny Cuerel

Jack Feng moved from New Zealand to pursue a medical degree at The University of Queensland and to maximise his capacity to improve people’s lives.

After completing a pre-medical degree in health sciences, Jack’s now juggling a degree that has a person’s wellbeing at its centre, accelerating an AI startup, MindMuse, with ilab that addresses mental health in the workforce and wanting to help 10,000 people by 2026 starting in his new role as Chief Student Entrepreneur.

As a dedicated member of the UQ student entrepreneurship community, and one-time executive of the UQ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society (UQIES) Jack was inspired by his UQIES peers from Aquila co-founder and CEO Billy Jeremijenko of wireless energy to his MindMuse co-founder Felix Hall (Computer Science), a seasoned entrepreneur and fellow hackathon awardee, who was also awarded the 2022 Student Entrepreneur of the Year award.

MindMuse started as a coffee chat when Jack wasn’t feeling particularly well, and Felix was able to introduce a peaceful state of mind through cognitive behavioural therapy practices such as asking really good questions to reflect on your own thoughts.

“After this conversation, I knew I wanted this tool in my pocket 24/7.” Jack said.

“If it can do this for me, it can do this for a lot more people.

“We’ve had friends go to the emergency department while having episodes, and I was frustrated by what was on offer.

"MindMuse’s evidence-based AI chat feature provides only 20 per cent of the platform’s offerings."

"MindMuse is more intent on what’s upstream assisting managers to figure out and assess what’s happening in the workspace. With an appreciation for public health and preventive health, I value the impact of addressing problems and determinants at its root. Our mission is to empower people to handle daily frustration and annoyance before they snowball into major obstacles,” Jack said. 

Jack wants people to think deeper and live longer by helping their mind take flight. MindMuse has already received recognition from one of the world's largest GenAI news companies naming MindMuse as one of the top 200 AI tools globally. MindMuse is now assessing if employers can make use of its platform.

In 2023, Jack took part in the Ventures San Francisco Startup AdVenture hosted by Robert Quinn, CEO and co-founder of Sepsis Scout Inc, where he now works remotely as a consultant.

Robert Quinn required a liver transplant at 21. Following the transplant, he suffered 18 separate bouts of sepsis, a condition that occurs when the body over-reacts to a serious infection. It kills more than the annual national road toll and some common cancers.

“Sepsis Scout leverages deep learning and off the shelf wearables to predict Sepsis in high risk patients. Robert showed me what we can do with life by helping others. He’s one of my mentors that I’m extremely appreciative of who has helped shape my perspective.

“Growing up, my father had entrepreneurial spirit and he became my exemplar founding several companies and showing me the way.

“I’m fascinated by how startups can be a tool to generate impact and values.”

Head of Entrepreneurship, Mr Nimrod Klayman, praises Jack for his commitment to the Ventures network during his tough academic journey.

“Jack’s compassion and proven leadership qualities will inspire new students to participate in entrepreneurial activities at UQ.”

As Chief Student Entrepreneur, Jack wants to blend his passion for medicine, community building and entrepreneurship:

  1. To empower non-traditional entrepreneurs from health and science to pursue creativity and innovation.
  2. To share and learn with UQ entrepreneurs through impactful startups and projects.
  3. To support aspiring innovators with mentorship and community insights.

Joining Jack in the Ventures’ student team are 8 Ventures Ambassadors who will represent their faculty to promote entrepreneurship initiatives broadly, help run community events and engage with new students.

Meet the 2024 Ventures Student Ambassadors

  • Abbey Croughan - Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours)

  • Stefanie Stan – Computer Science and Law (Honours)

  • Mukund Manian - BSc (Biomedical Science) / Doctor of Medicine

  • Aryan Rustagi - Bachelor of Information Technology, User Experience Design

  • Jaafar Jabur – Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

  • Amelia Nikles-Ralph – Bachelor of Advanced Business

  • Appolonia Smith-Laffin – Bachelor of Business Management

  • Masaki Yamao – Bachelor of Agricultural Science

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