Startup AdVentures

Learn first-hand knowledge from innovative startup communities.

Startup AdVentures are learning experiences specialising in innovation and entrepreneurship with local, regional Queensland and global startup communities. Expand your networks, learn from experienced innovators and gain first-hand knowledge on founding, investing and growing an early-stage business.

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The summer break program will commence in:

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"By learning alongside a startup on the Startup AdVenture, the best thing that I gained was inspiration. Seeing first-hand that a small group of passionate people can achieve real change through innovation inspired me to think about how I can apply what I’ve learnt to other areas to innovate new solutions and create a positive impact.” 

Eva Holden
Bachelor of Computer Science / Bachelor of Science (Physics)
Cairns Startup AdVenturer 

This [Startup AdVenture] experience helped me learn more about myself, what projects I love and thrive in and others I would prefer to avoid in the future. Thank you so much to the Ventures team for giving me the opportunity and making this experience possible. It was incredible, and I am looking forward to hopefully taking part in a similar experience again in the future!”

Isabella Hickox
Bachelor of Business Management / Arts 
Singapore (virtual) Startup AdVenturer