Ventures Discovery

The UQ Ventures Discovery program supports Year 7 to Year 12 students to think and act with an entrepreneurial mindset.  

We've worked with over 20 Queensland high schools to deliver workshops that have been designed with an experiential learning approach. Through our Discovery programs, we aim to foster a resilient, flexible and problem-solving mindset in high school students.

We also offer professional development workshops to support educators on their daily efforts to deliver up-to-date content in the classroom on entrepreneurship and design thinking.

This program is also available to international high schools as a bespoke virtual program delivered by our team of UQ academics, design thinking facilitators and experienced entrepreneurs.

Looking for last-minute school holiday activities for the kids?

Join Ventures for a program full of fun and exploration with the Summer Camp entrepreneurship workshops in mid-December. Limited spaces are available.

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Join Ventures for a program full of fun and exploration with the Summer Camp entrepreneurship workshops. Limited spaces are available.

Summer Camps are our  UQ Ventures Discovery programs for Year 7 to 12 students over the school holidays. In these interactive workshops, we walk the students through the process of customer discovery, problem identification, solutions design and storytelling.

Our Summer Camps:

  • are aligned with the QCAA new curriculums
  • have been created to suit different age groups (Junior Summer Camp and Senior Summer Camp)
  • are suitable for students curious about entrepreneurship and the world biggest issues
  • provide a concrete set of tools to understand and unpack big problems and come up with tangible solutions
  • support the acquisition of 21st-century skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills.   

Junior Summer Camp

Thursday 10 and Friday 11 December | Restricted to school Years 7-9

Over two days, participants will learn how to develop a sustainable house solution working with our entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality. 

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Senior Summer Camp

Wednesday 16 December | Restricted to school Years 10-12

Join us for the one-day, hands-on school holiday workshop. By the end of the day, they will be launching their own rocket!*
*The rocket launch is subject to weather conditions.

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Develop your entrepreneurial skills as a teacher

We offer three professional development programs for high school teachers aligned with ACARA and new QCAA curriculums. All sessions are delivered by a team of UQ academics, design thinking facilitators and experienced entrepreneurs. 

Design thinking process

This is a hands-on workshop where we walk you through the different stages of design thinking. You'll be given a problem and use design-thinking to come up with creative solutions in teams. Resources and activities are also given to help you prepare more content for your classes. 

Ideation and creativity

We can equip you with the latest evidence-based approaches for teaching creativity and ideation, laying the foundation for students to develop actionable business ideas. The approaches are underpinned by research from our world-leading academics. 

Developing business cases by interviewing real entrepreneurs

The case details an entrepreneur’s journey from startup idea through to building a product, hiring a team, raising investment and launching a product in the market.

We understand that each student and each class have a different understanding and interest in entrepreneurship.

We have created three different packages to address your school’s needs and to fit with your busy students and their schedules:

Customer and problem discovery

This two-hour workshop offers the foundation to entrepreneurial thinking by introducing your students, through the identification of users, problems and impact, to key business ideas such as target audience, problem identification and problem-market fit. It also introduces methodologies such as customer empathy maps or open space technology as well as theories such as lean startup and diverge-converge innovation diamond.

  • Two-hour workshop
  • Delivered at UQ St Lucia campus for free
  • Delivered at your high school for $20 per student

Design solutions for impact

This four-hour workshop addresses both parts of the innovation diamond. In the first two hours, students search or are assigned a problem worth solving. They then seek to understand the affected users or communities. In the second hour, they work on designing and prototyping real, tangible solutions. Students work in different teams throughout the workshop and get to work on a presentation to show their progress and reflections to their peers. Challenges or problems that are currently being studied in class (e.g. climate change, mental illnesses, use of technology, etc.) are highly suitable for this workshop.

  • Four-hour workshop
  • Delivered at UQ St Lucia campus or at your high school
  • Costs $50 per student

The entrepreneurial journey

This workshop is delivered over a series of consecutive weeks both at your school and at UQ. The workshop gives a comprehensive understanding on the different steps involved in the entrepreneurship journey — from the entrepreneur’s traits and personality, to customer discovery, product development, business modelling, pitching and storytelling and basic revenue/costing models. This workshop is suitable for students with an advanced interest/understanding in entrepreneurship, ideally with business ideas in a developing stage.

  • Seven two hour workshops (14 hours total)
  • Delivered at UQ St Lucia campus or at your high school
  • Costs $130 per student

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