Idea Hub Social Enterprise Program

Join like-minded people to tackle the world’s most complex and urgent problems.

The Idea Hub Social Entrepreneurship Program is a six-week program designed to create a space for UQ students from all faculties to come together and create projects that will have a positive social and environmental impact.

Workshops will include panel discussions with social entrepreneurs and draw on UQ expertise on the latest social entrepreneurship tools and methodologies to foster real-world experience. The program will support you to use your unique UQ knowledge and combine it with new social entrepreneurship tools to transform your ideas into sustainable action.

Over six weeks, you will attend weekly workshops on how to develop a sustainable project that addresses a social or environmental need.

Sessions will also include contact with the local social entrepreneurship ecosystem and first-hand recounts of some of the challenges social entrepreneurs face.

Day: Tuesdays
Time: 12.00-2.00pm
Venue: Ground Floor, Global Change Institute (20)

  • Sept 3. Social Entrepreneurship 101
    An overview of social entrepreneurship, the local ecosystem and form teams.
  • Sept 10.  Exploring the problem
    Understand the basics of design-thinking and the importance of problem discovery.  
  • Sept 17.  Defining and ideation
    Understand the importance of problem definition and ideation.
  • Sept 24.  Prototyping and MVP
    Find out about lean methodologies, tools for rapid prototyping and understand minimum viable products (MVP).
  • Oct 8.  Impact measurement and project implementation challenges 
    Find out about the importance of measuring your impact.
  • Oct 15.  Get feedback
    You will pitch your own idea or business and get feedback from mentors.

This program is for students, staff and alumni from any faculty with an interest in creating organisations that:

  • meet a community need, i.e.: housing, education, food security or economic opportunity for marginalised groups
  • create a business model to be both the ends and means of a social goal
  • demonstrate better ways of doing business
  • generate income for another charitable or community purposes.

Don’t have an idea?

We can match you with a team based on your skill sets and interests. You’ll be provided with hands-on training and mentoring to test and prototype a social enterprise idea.