Idea Hub Unlimited

Level up with Idea Hub Unlimited. Gain the skills and knowledge needed to think and act like an entrepreneur. 

Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to form and test your early-stage ideas for potential commercial opportunity. You will also build networks with other students, idea makers and seasoned entrepreneurs for a strong, well-connected start to your entrepreneurial journey.

The program supports you to gain the motivation, inspiration and confidence to test and explore your ideas in a safe space. Although the program is not for course credit, it is a rich and rewarding experience where you will come out with practical skills to help you in your chosen careers. 

Apply now to Idea Hub Winter Unlimited 

Applications close Wednesday 5 August 2020 at 5pm.

Over six weeks, you will attend weekly workshops on a variety of topics relevant to product or service development and the market, as well as the process and provision of tools for developing a commercial offering.  

  • Week 1. Entrepreneurship 101
    First steps to become an entrepreneur
  • Week 2.  Think like an entrepreneur
    Understand the basics of design-thinking and form teams 
  • Week 3.  Business models
    Learn about business models and how to build them
  • Week 4.  Prototyping and MVP
    Find out about lean methodologies, tools for rapid prototyping and understand minimum viable products
  • Week 5.  Pitching
    This session provides best practice on how to build a pitch deck and how to deliver it
  • Week 6.  Get Feedback
    You will pitch your own idea or business and get feedback from mentors

The program is offered four times each year. Students, alumni and staff from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. 

To be eligible to apply, you must be:

  • a current UQ student, staff member or young alumni (graduated in the last 10 years)
  • be interested in entrepreneurship and innovation
  • be ready to build your knowledge and skills
  • commit to attending all six weekly workshops

Extend your experience

If you complete an Idea Hub Unlimited program you are eligible to apply for our Startup Adventures program – a four-week international internship in global startup hotspots from Shanghai, San Francisco, Shenzhen, Tel Aviv and Singapore. All internships are supported by a full scholarship.

Find out about Startup Adventures

Winter Unlimited

Program commences Tuesday 11 August 2020 from 4-6.30pm

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Spring Unlimited

Applications open 18 August 2020
Program commences Wednesday 17 September 2020 from 4-6.30pm