Singapore Startup AdVenture

Unique learning experiences with some of Singapore's best startups.

The Ventures Singapore Startup AdVenture is a four-week in-person entrepreneruship learning experience within a Singapore startup, small business or non-profit organisation.

Learn more about eligibility, course credit, and more from the Startup AdVentures program homepage.

The Singapore Startup AdVenture program will run from Tuesday 18 June to Friday 12 July 2024

Apply for Singapore Startup AdVenture  

Applications for Startup AdVentures close Sunday 21 April at 11:59pm.

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The Singapore Startup AdVenture program is supported by the 
New Colombo Plan.

Fast facts 

#1 in Global Blue Economy ranking.

Home to 4,000 tech startups and over 220 incubators and accelerators.

$300M government funding for innovation projects. 

Source: Startup Genome 2023


Ventures Startup AdVentures Terms and Conditions and FAQs

If you have any questions about the program please contact UQ Ventures as above.