• Adieu


    ilab Accelerator #8 | SaaS, Legal

    Divorce more collaboratively, fairly and affordably in timeframes that have never been possible before.
  • Veilability


    ilab Accelerator #1 | Marketplace, Events, Weddings

    Easily search and compare thousands of amazing wedding venues and view detailed room information, packages, special deals and more.
  • Movus


    ilab Accelerator #7 | Hardware, IoT, Maintenance

    MOVUS has developed a 'Fitbit' for industrial machines – a compact data collection and communications device, combined with powerful data analytics and a user-friendly dashboard application.
  • Skyborne Technologies

    Skyborne Technologies

    ilab Accelerator #7 | Hardware, Drones

    Autonomous hybrid drones that bridge the gap between quad-copter manoeuvrability and fixed-wing endurance and speed.
  • Augmented Bionics

    Augmented Bionics

    ilab Accelerator #11 | Hardware, Healthtech

    Augmented Bionics are developing devices that allow non-invasive wireless stimulation of nerves.
  • Micromelon Robotics

    Micromelon Robotics

    ilab Accelerator #11 | Edtech, Education, Robotics, Coding

    The Micromelon robot and software package is designed and built specifically for the Australian curriculum changes that require schools to teach coding and robotics principles.
  • Modulr Tech

    Modulr Tech

    ilab Accelerator #11 | Software, Digital, Mining

    Building intelligent digital systems for mining and resources.


    ilab Accelerator #11 | Software, Analytics, IoT, Sensors

    The search engine of indoor locations.
  • TokenSpin


    ilab Accelerator #11 | Blockchain, Software

    TokenSpin revolutionises the way non-profits fundraise for good causes using blockchain technology.
  • I Tinker Too

    I Tinker Too

    ilab Accelerator #12 | Web, Software, Services

    I Tinker Too aim to provide software solutions that automate time-consuming tasks, keep critical information organised and measure data that is important for the small business owner.


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